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    I experienced running out of Etizolam and other than from little anxiety that I had. There were no other serious effects that I experience after having none of it in stock. My body still searches for it though. But not to the point that I can’t live my life anymore or have some body problems.


    TAFRADOL is a combination of two medications in one pill. It contains Tapentadol which is an opioid-type of pain medicine, and Carisoprodol which is a muscle relaxant. With this two drug together in Tafradol, it is used to treat severe pain in patients.

    Like all medications, Tafradol may cause side effects depending on how your body reacts to the drug. Common side effects that usually just goes away include, but is not limited to:



    *excessive tiredness


    *stomach pain

    *dry mouth




    *elevated heart rate


    *skin rashes

    Inform your doctor if any of the above side effects does not go away or becomes severe.


    Some serious side effects that need immediate care includes:

    *Burning of the eyes

    *Difficulty in breathing


    *Body weakness



    *severe muscle twitching

    Go to your nearest emergency room if you experience any serious side effects.

    Tips on how to safely and effectively take Tafradol can be found at


    Etizolam is a drug that is classified under the classification of thienodaizepine. This class is chemically related to the drug classification of benzodiazepine, and is also clinically regarded as such because the mechanism of action of thienodiazepine is via the benzodiazepine receptor.

    The advantage of this class of medication is that it is less sedating than benzodiazepine, but with the same properties that make it effective in treating anxiety and depression, and as a seizure control. You will also less likely develop tolerance or dependence to it than with benzodiazepine.

    You can learn more about this drug at


    Tapentadol is effective for moderate to severe pain but like other drugs, it could also cause side effects. Though not everyone experiences the side effects, it is still good to be aware of some common side effects that could occur. Common side effects include, but not limited to:

    excessive tiredness
    stomach pain
    dry mouth

    The above side effects are usually mild and just go away after some time. If it persists or is severe, contact your doctor.

    Serious side effects that need immediate emergency medical management include:
    fast heartbeat
    severe muscle twitching
    swelling of any part of the face
    difficulty breathing or swallowing
    chest pain

    More information about this drug can also be found at


    I really wish the studies will prove that montelukast is effective against Covid-19 so I would feel less anxiety towards this pandemic knowing I have been taking an effective drug against it.


    Forum: Anti-Anxiety


    Hello Luis. When you’re trying to get your alcoholism under control, restlessness, insomnia, and/or anxiety could occur. This would entice you to hit the bottle again in the hope for relief. With the use of acamprosate, it may aid in restoring the balance of the chemicals in your brain so that symptoms such as those I’ve mentioned would be minimized and will thus lessen your cravings. Hope you’ll feel better soon..


    Side effects of this medication include, but is not limited to:

    1. tiredness
    2. weakness
    3. sore throat
    4. dry mouth
    5. fever
    6. cough
    7. nosebleed

    Mild side effects may go away within a few days or a couple of weeks. If they’re more severe or don’t go away, consult with your doctor.

    1. hives
    2. rash
    3. itching
    4. swelling of the arms, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs

    1. Drinking alcohol can increase certain side effects of levocetirizine.

    2. It is very important not to give a child more than the prescribed dose of this medication. A child’s body absorbs twice as much of the same dose size of levocetirizine as an adult’s body.

    3. Medications that interact with Levocetirizine include:
    a. Cold or allergy medicine
    b. sedatives
    c. narcotic pain medicine
    d. sleeping pills
    e. muscle relaxers
    f. medicine for seizures, depression or anxiety
    g. ritonavir (Norvir, Kaletra)
    h. theophylline (Aquaphyllin, Asmalix, Elixophyllin, Theolair, Theosol)


    Disulfiram is used to treat chronic alcoholism. It causes unpleasant effects when even small amounts of alcohol are consumed. These effects include flushing of the face, headache, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, weakness, blurred vision, mental confusion, sweating, choking, breathing difficulty, and anxiety. These effects begin about 10 minutes after alcohol enters the body and last for 1 hour or more. Disulfiram is not a cure for alcoholism, but discourages drinking.

    This medication should never be given to a patient who is intoxicated. It may cause a reaction with alcohol up to 14 days after ingestion.


    FAMOTIDINE is an H2 blocker that is used to relieve symptoms of heartburn or acid reflux by decreasing the amount of acid released in your stomach. It is used for conditions such as stomach and duodenal ulcers, Gastroesophageal Relux Disease (GERD), and Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome wherein the stomach produces too much acid.

    Famotidine’s side effects include, but is not limited to:

    1. Dizziness
    2. Headache
    3. Diarrhea
    4. Constipation
    5. Agitation and restlessness in children

    This common side effects are mild and usually subsides in a few days or couple of weeks.

    1. fainting
    2. shortness of Breath
    3. heart rate and heart rhythm problems
    4. unusual muscle pain
    5. fever
    6. weakness
    7. anxiety
    8. depression
    9. seizures
    10. pain in the stomach area
    11. yellowing of your skin
    12. skin blisters

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