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    IVERMECTIN is categorized under the drug classification of anthelmintic. Anthelmintics or antihelmenthics are anti-parasitic drugs that get rid of parasitic worms without any serious damage to our body.

    Ivermectin is used in patients who are suffering from strongyloidiasis, which is an infection caused by a type of roundworm that was able to enter the body. It is also effective in managing onchocerciasis which is also a roundworm infection that is characterized by rashes, bumps under the skin, and also, problems in vision. Some doctors also utilize this drug in treating head or pubic lice infestation, and even scabies, which is characterized by small mites living under the skin.

    Source: https://trusted-medications.com/buy/ivecop-ivermectin/


    My bestfriend and I were taking Ivermectin for COVID. It was said to protect you from it. It was out of our personal conviction that we made based from what we have read that we have decided to take action. Of course some few friends whom we mentioned about it were skeptics and told us to just wait to be vaccinated. Not until, everybody in our house got infected except me. My mom and dad were vaccinated and they have still gotten it (which made me doubt vaccines even more) and the fact that I’m the only one taking Ivermectin and I’m the only one who didn’t get the virus just proves that I’m right.


    India has found a cheap and safe way to protect ourselves from COVID but what media outlets do is they promote fear and deprives people from the ability to protect themselves. India’s new cases have dropped significantly to 80% and all the news is talking about is how Ivermectin is still ineffective.


    They say that there is no cure but my uncle got treated with HCQ, Zinc and Ivermectin. I know since I work in the hospital office where he was admitted. I learned it from some of the nurses whom I was friends with. My uncle got better and he is completely fine and COVID free now. I can’t say the same thing with my cousin in NJ. Why can’t hospitals just use a generic treatment that works. There are already too many cases wherein Ivermectin was able to protect and cure. It’s really terrible for these rich pharmas to take advantage of the pandemic to earn more money that they can’t even spend anymore since they already got everything.


    I have my personal stock of Ivermectin that I have been taking for COVID prevention. When my dog got a heartworm, I gave him some of my tablets. Before giving him Ivermectin, he was starting to get hairless on different parts of his body and later did I know that it was due to heartworm. After a few weeks of medications. My buddy is all better now.

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