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    TAFRADOL is a combination of two medications in one pill. It contains Tapentadol which is an opioid-type of pain medicine, and Carisoprodol which is a muscle relaxant. With this two drug together in Tafradol, it is used to treat severe pain in patients.

    Like all medications, Tafradol may cause side effects depending on how your body reacts to the drug. Common side effects that usually just goes away include, but is not limited to:



    *excessive tiredness


    *stomach pain

    *dry mouth




    *elevated heart rate


    *skin rashes

    Inform your doctor if any of the above side effects does not go away or becomes severe.


    Some serious side effects that need immediate care includes:

    *Burning of the eyes

    *Difficulty in breathing


    *Body weakness



    *severe muscle twitching

    Go to your nearest emergency room if you experience any serious side effects.

    Tips on how to safely and effectively take Tafradol can be found at https://activemedications.com/buy-tafradol/

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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